Bridge Program

Attention All CanSkaters

What Happens Next?

The Bridge Program 2016-2017 Brochure: CanSkate2016-17

An introduction to the StarSkate and/or the Competitive steam of figure skating. This is a fast track program for skates who have been identified as having an aptitude for figure skating. Entrance to the program is strictly by letter of invitation, audition, or at the discretion of the Director of CanSkate.

The program offers a 30-minutes structured group lesson, 30 minutes of practice time and/or private lesson time, and a new 15 minute fitness class specific to the Bridge program.

It is encourage that skaters in the Bridge program start private lessons with one of our certified coaches to enhance their progression.

Please contact the office at the Canadian Ice Academy to register for your selected day/session.

Bridge Program Session Dates and Times

Monday – 6:00PM
Wednesday – 6:00PM
Thursday – 5:15PM
Friday – 5:00PM
Saturday – 10:45AM
Sunday – 10:45AM