Karen Preston

Karen Preston

Letter from the Director

NCCP Coaching Certification: Level 3 and some Level 4 tasks

Contact Information

Telephone: 905-858-2283
Email: kareneprestonis@gmail.com


– Two Time National Champion of Canada, Olympian and Three Time World Competitor.
– NCCP Level 3 in Canada. Double Master Rated Coach in the USA.
– National Level Technical Specialist for Canada.
– Coached for over 20 years.
– Coached skaters to the Sr. National Championships in both Canada and the USA.
– Coached skaters past the Gold Test level in both Canada and the USA.
– Toured Professionally across the globe for three years with Feld Entertainment.


I teach skating because I have a passion for the sport! I enjoy the moment where a skater succeeds at whatever skill they are working on. Skating can be a life long sport with many different avenues to travel down. I see it as part of my job to ensure that each of my pupils becomes the best skater and person that they can be.