Ice Etiquette Rules & Guidelines



Lack of compliance to the following policies shall result in removal from the ice surface, the facility & daily program. Repeated offensives will not be tolerated and shall be dealt with severely. In the event of any such action, there will be no refund or credit for any or all lost sessions.

1.      All Skaters are required to sign in with the office before stepping on the ice.

2.      Food and/or drink are not permitted on the ice (only water bottles are permitted).

3.      All skaters are responsible to keep the ice area and boards clean. Remove all belongings (tissues (used and unused), water bottles, gloves, CD’s, etc.) before exiting the ice surface.

4.      There is to be no stopping or standing on the ice. If necessary, step off the ice inside the penalty boxes. This includes stopping to “speak” with people in the viewing area or other skaters on the ice. You may leave the ice if you need to use the washroom or adjust your equipment.

5.      PARENTS are restricted to the upstairs viewing area at ALL times. Any parent observed instructing a skater (including using gestures from the viewing area) will result in the removal of that parent and that skater from the facility. There will be no refund or credit for unused sessions or classes.

6.      IPods, cell phones and any other devices with earpieces or headphones are PROHIBITED on the ice or in the penalty boxes.

7.      Music will be played in the order in which the skater has signed the music sign-in sheet, alternating from a Coaches request to the Skater. All programs will be played all the way through. There will be no stopping and restarting for any reason. Any misuse will result in loss of music privileges for a period of time at the discretion of the Director.  Rule: 1 coach / 1 skater

8.      The Skater “DOING THEIR PROGRAM” has the right of way. It is the responsibility of everyone, coaches and athletes, to be aware of this skater and yield to the skaters program. When a skater is doing their program, they may say, “program” if another skater is in their way. Any other language in this situation is unacceptable.

9.      All corners of the ice surface are considered to be the “Lutz” zones. There is to be no spinning or practicing of crossovers in those areas (except skaters doing their programs). Keep all spins to the center of the ice.

10.    Kicking the ice, kicking the boards, shouting, foul language or arguing with other skaters or coaches will not be tolerated.

11.    Group Lessons of more than 3 athletes are not permitted without the approval of the Director and/or when the numbers on the session are 15 or greater.

12.    At the end of sessions, all skaters and coaches will leave the ice promptly so the ice may be resurfaced.