High Performer (HP) Program at Hollycrest Middle School


Hollycrest has been providing a quality education to future elite athletes for 14 years. Hollycrest Middle School is fully funded by the TDSB and does not require admission fees.


About Our Program

Hollycrest Middle School is a publically funded TDSB school that provides asupportive alternative learning environment to elite student-athletes. Our goal at Hollycrest is to empower these student-athletes to strive for both academic and athletic excellence. Established in 2002, the High Performer Program has been supporting elite student-athletes for 14 years by providing a specialized flexible learning environment that allows them to pursue their athletic goals while remaining strongly focused on their academics. During a condensed school day, our students study all subjects based on the Ontario Ministry of Education school curriculum, and the remainder of the day is used for completing homework and training in their various sports. The coaches, trainers, and instructors of these student-athletes work in co-operation with the teachers at our school to ensure balance between the two.

Interested student-athletes in Grades 4-8 must apply to be accepted into

this program and meet the criteria determined by the HP Administrative team at Hollycrest. Unlike private schools, there is no tuition fee for the quality education offered at Hollycrest Middle School as it is a publically funded educational institution. Upon graduation from Hollycrest Middle School, students who wish to continue with their training may apply to the High Performer Program at Silverthorn Collegiate Institute or another high school of their choice. Many Hollycrest High Performer Program Alumni have
received sports scholarships to universities, been drafted into the OHL, competed on National and Provincial teams, as well as at International sporting events like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Here at Hollycrest, we are proud of our commitment to excellence in education, and of our reputation for helping our student-athletes achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom.